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What are some cool Minecraft servers?I’ve heard of Snapcraft, Hypixel, and Hive.

Posted by Smiley
[display_name id="3"]If you are looking for overpopulated servers like Hypixels, try
zexyzeks server at omegarealms.com
If you want a smaller community
try something like play.trollcraft.org or mc8.fadehost.com:25709.

Minecraft zombie apocalypse mod?Hi I am looking for a really in depth zombie apocalypse mod for Minecraft that includes wasteland world generation or something of the sort. Any suggestions? It would need to be updated to 1.4.7.

Posted by Forest
[display_name id="3"]Hypixel made a zombie apocalypse map awhile ago. Sadly, I don’t know of any good zombie apocalypse mods that are updated or released yet.

But if you feel like at least trying the map: Http://hypixel.net/threads/zombie-apocal…

Does Mcprohosting.com have dedicated ips?I was thinking of getting the 2200 mb package on Mcprohosting.com but I wanted to know if the ip for the server is a dedicated ip?

Posted by
[display_name id="3"]Yes they have also use this code for 25% discount Hypixel or hypixel something like that :D.

‘Hypixel Style!’ Short Video Contest! #3

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