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Why is my minecraft server not working?!?!?!?I made a Minecraft server a while ago (in Minecraft 1.5.2) and i deleted my Minecraft server folder so i could update it to 1.6.2 not knowing i could have done it much easier and now it will not work. I opend the port 25565 i know i did that right but the port may not be working because when i type my ipv4 adress in direct connect it works but my friends cannot connect using that and when i try my actual public ip adress (i am positive its the right one i tried on many different sites) it says connection timed out i also tried it with :25565 at the end of my i adress. In my new minecraft server folder i typed the port in (25565) but left the ip adress blank because when i fill it in it says cannont bind port or whatever. Help!!! Thanks in advance.

Posted by Alexander
[display_name id="3"]The Minecraft server binaries accessible on the same site because total video game. The server package is free as well as accessible as sometimes a Windows 7 exe or a Java .jar register for Linux and Operating system X Windows end users get it least complicated: just acquire the exe and also operate it. Without having a Java runtime environment put in, the exe will probably direct you to a download site that enable you to have it; after put in, re-run the Minecraft server binary. This kind of gets you with a Minecraft server upward as well as on TCP port 25565. Hook up with it with the Minecraft consumer as well as explore your shiny all new community. – Notice additional at:

Minecraft Server setup?How do you setup a minecraft server?

Posted by Durp
[display_name id="3"]Download the Minecraft_Server.exe from Http://www.minecraft.net/download.jsp
Then make a folder, name it whatever you wish, and drag the Minecraft_Server.exe into the folder you just created. Double click it and it should create some new files like banned-ips,servers.properties, and etc.

From here, for people to connect to your server, you need to port forward or get a virtual network thingy like Hamachi.Since portforward guides vary for each model, look here: Http://portforward.com/
If you wish to use Hamachi (I hear it’s laggier than portforwarding), just download it and make a network. Then just give the network password to friends/whoever wants to join.

After, open the server.properties, that the Minecraft_Server.exe made, with Notepad.
You’ll want to leave the server-ip blank unless you have a custom IP (unless you have a custom IP AFAIK), and change around the options to what you see fit.

To run the server, just double click the Minecraft_Server.exe. For YOU to connect to it, just type localhost in the server IP in Minecraft. For friends to connect to it, give them your Hamachi or IP Address.

Minecraft Servers??????Does anyone know of a Minecraft server thats just simply PVP Survival? There are lots of servers that are just plain complicated… Like no factions.. Or economy really.. Just plain PVP and Survival.

Posted by Jared
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