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I recently purchased an Xbox 360 and Minecraft, however none of my friends have the game so I can't play online servers. Does anyone know any good players to add or contact if I want to play hunger games or other pvp maps? Or if you yourself may be interested in adding me to play.

Posted by cris
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I would suggest purchasing minecraft for PC.


- PCs can handle more. The game world is infinite in PC. Xbox360 minecraft is severly limited in what can, and cannot be done due to technical limitations of the 360.
- PCs can use texture packs, sound packs, and the like.
- Features that are not in the 360 (Hoppers?, horses, and other features)
- Modding, that isn't illegal/against policy
- HUGE amount of PC players.
- Minecraft is available on Windows, Linux, and mac, and all 3 can play with each other.

Honestly, I have minecraft for 360. It's cool if you like, have real life friends with it. If not, you'll never play online. PC servers can be open even if no one is on it. The 360 version feels more like a demo.

If it's any proof, and I'm not trying to down you, but every Q&A (like yahoo) or forums out there always has people frantically searching for Xbox360 servers. Seriously, 99% of the xbox minecraft servers are like, between small groups of friends. None are always open, massive, always available, or as abundant as PC.

Youtube Tags About Minecraft?

I need some help with youtube I need some tags that have to do with minecraft like "commentary, walkthrough, gameplay" etc. So can you give me words that have to do with minecraft! Okk thxx.

Posted by Marko
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Minecraft tags-

indie game
Minecraft World
let's play
let's play minecraft
minecraft gameplay
minecraft trailer


What is minecraft? And..?

What is minecraft and is it any good?

Posted by Kane
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Minecraft is basically a sandbox game that allows you to do anything you want from fighting mobs, to creating magnificent structures however you want to. Awesome game, but gets boring quicky.

How you build things? You basically harvest blocks by punching them or using the respective tools to obtain the blocks. For example, you harvest dirt blocks by using a shovel, and mine stone by using a pickaxe. You can place blocks by pressing the right mouse button. All tools must be crafted by you.

Minecraft is not free. But you can get the single player only version here: Http://uploaded.to/file/j46dos2r

Its good for a taste of what the game is like but if you like the game, i STRONGLY suggest that you purchase the game to support the creators of minecraft, Mojang.

There are plenty of tutorials and lets plays on youtube. Heres one: Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy7llVkYd…

I personally have played minecraft for about a year since its alpha release and i would have to say that its a really interesting game. I highly reccomend it to you.

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Minecraft | NEW GIRLFRIENDS! (Bikinis, Fighting & Love …


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