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Hello, my name is Travis and Im looking for a server sort of like the mindcrack server.?

I am getting really bored with single player and just wanted to get into a group of people and play survival and just have a good time. I would prefer a whitelist server because I don't like just anyone joining but if its not its cool. My user right now is campout99 because Mojang is not working with aol so I can't change my password. And last is my Skype twhfootball8.

Posted by Travis
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The hive:
pros:unique games
cons: is really popular a lot of youtubers have been going on it which leads to to many people
*hide 'n seek
*survival games

planet beacon:
pros: less players
cons:standard games (this is a con only for some people)
*hunger games

mutts world
pros: almost never lags and always on
con: a little more people
*hunger games
* (l2d) left 2 dead [my fav.]
feed the beast:

these are just some of the ones i like though i have not gone on the hive yet i have heard good things about it. I go on mutts and planet beacon (pb) a lot. Pb i mostly go on plots and mutts i go on l2d.

At least check them out and if you see me, herowalie, say hey.

Where can I download Mincraft Hunger Games/Survival Games?

I've been watching Joey Graceffa on Youtube play it for a long time now, but how do you play it? Does it come with the regular Minecraft game, or is it a seperate game you need to download? Do you have to pay for it or is it free? On what website can I get it from? Someone please help, because I REALLY want to play it. Thank you. (:

Posted by Diana
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NOOB! Haha jk hey i like joey to so ill help u dont worry first thing u need is an ip you can just use the most popular one which is the hive (most youtubers use that one) hive gives u access to a bunch of minigames like splegg or hide and seek and hunger games plus you dont have to pay at all for more info go on minecraft forums or search up a vid to show u step by step.

I have cold urticaria. How to cure it permanently?

It is a type of allergy.
I'm taking pills containing Ranitidine Hydrochloride IP 168mg (Rantac 150) and another pill containing Mizolastine 10 mg (Elina). It cures temporarily but hives appear again in two or three days.

Posted by BABU
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the meds are antihistamines, might try zyrtec or benadryl, see an allergist/immunolgist. Doubt it's curable.

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