Hypixel IP server

hypixel ip

Hypixel is a minecraft server, where you can play games and minigames with popular games on the Minecraft servers, such as Hungry Games, COPs & Crims, Skywars, etc. It is the #1 server for Minecraft in all of Minecraft. If you want see hypixel ip see below, you don’t know how to do that?

Add this server, go to Multiplayer-> add address -> server address -> then type hypixel server ip.

The hypixel ip is




What is Hypixel for Minecraft?

HyPixel is a server for Minecraft PC Premium

The special thing about this server is that it has a lot of MiniGames like:

  • BuildBattle SOLO
  • BuildBattle TEAM
  • Bow Spleef
  • TNT Wizards
  • Cops And Crims
  • The Walls
  • PaintBall
  • VampireZ
  • Mega Walls
  • SkyWars
  • Turbo Kart Racers
  • UHC Champions
  • Arena Brawl
  • QuakeCraft
  • Blocking Dead
  • Creeper Attack
  • PartyGames
  • Farm Hunt
  • Galaxy Wars
  • Dragon Wars
  • Ender Spleef

In the server is the option of collectibles where you can equip things you will find in mistery boxes (you can find them playing Minigames), or you can also buy them in the same menu of collectibles with coins that are played by playing the Minigames (if you win You get more).

The things you can equip yourself with are:

  • Pets: Pets can only use the VIPs.
  • Morphs: You become the MOB you choose (you have to have it unlocked).
  • Gadgets: These are items you can use in the spawn.
  • Suits: They are armor that you can equip in the spawn.
  • Hats: They are heads of players, animals, blocks, which you can equip in the spawn.
  • Emotes: These are emoticons that you can use in the spawn.

The server also has a tiered system, every time you upload a level you will be rewarded with coins. It’s a awsome server and you’ll get a lot of fun, check it out!

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